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Couple Seeks single Male!

Calling all single males Yes you are wanted


Well the bad news first off single males are 10 a penny, as you will find on all swingers web sites and contact magazines, thats a fact of life. The good news! Yes you are wanted and you can meet some wonderful people, make great friends, and have a good time as well as the brilliant sex with no strings attached. You are here to have fun; the same as the couple or single fem are looking for. You are not a replacement no matter how good you think you are, you are there to help fulfil their fantasies and yours. If you are looking for a relationship then I suggest you try a date line.


So what makes the difference between single males? Why are some more successful then others? Why do some get meet after meet whilst you are still left on the subs bench with your tracksuit on? Strange but believe it or not it has nothing to with being as a sex god, a huge penis or the ability to breathe through your ears (although this can have a distinct advantage). It is all about your attitude and approach to swinging. If you think you have joined the site and will be instantly into sexual heaven, well bad news for you it will take time and the right attitude.


But all is not lost and it may seem a daunting task because people can tend to forget that it is just as nerve racking for you as it is for them. So where do you start?


Your profile, most people will look at your profile after you have mailed them or after a time of chatting in the room. As they say first impressions count and it will be there first chance to look at you. The basic profile outlines what you are looking for and what your interests are. They want to know a bit about the real you and not your cock size, your sexual prowess or how many people you have bedded.


Take your time, this does not mean rewriting War and Peace, just a few lines that are TRUTHFUL and explain a bit about yourself. Try to make this as light hearted as possible, after all this should be fun. Humour and an easy going attitude goes a very long way.


As for your pictures surprise surprise most people and certainly those who are swinging have seen a few cocks in their time and unless it sings tunes, dances or glows in the dark, there is no need to swamp your profile with your impressive manhood. Again people want to see the real you, a nice body shot either clothed or unclothed will do and a definite advantage is a facial picture.


Remember swingers come in all shapes and sizes and you should not be afraid to put pictures on. They will only be seen by full members as basic or visitors cannot see your photos. If you are too shy to put on facial pictures you can always say that you can mail them a facial picture and mention this in your profile. If you are not prepared to show facial pictures or any pictures that is up to you. The bottom line is people with facial pictures on get a far better response than those with none on.


So you have designed your profile and now are raring to go and join in this fantastic lifestyle what now? Well there are various ways of getting in contact with people, either through the chat room, by mail, by answering swing dates or requesting to attend parties.


Whichever way you chose it will take time, have patience. It is a bit like chatting someone up in a bar, you would no go up to them and just ask them for a shag (well you might at the risk of wearing your testicals as earrings) people want to get to know you, make sure you are a nice guy that they can have fun with and very important, feel comfortable with. Always remember one thing, whilst you are nervous it can be very daunting for a couple or single female to invite a complete stranger into their house or hotel room to come and have sex with them. Always put yourself in their shoes, always be respectful and under no circumstances ever ever be pushy, as soon as you are you may as well leave, because everyone dislikes a pushy single male with a vengeance.


If you want to meet couples, yes surprise surprise they do come as a couple and the male half does attend; ignore him and you may as well not bother, because you will never meet her, they are in a stable relationship and doing this for fun, even though she will be more than likely making the final decision do not ignore him. No matter what you think she is not going to run off with you just to bonk you, thats why they are swinging. Besides that you miss the opportunity to make a good friend as well, because this is more than just sex to most people.


So you finally have got a meet arranged. What next? How does it go? What do I do? Well above all else be yourself be truthful and again do not be pushy. You are there to have some fun so keep it light-hearted, but ensure you cover the ground rules, before you start to play. This does not mean that you produce a list of does and donts just check the rules. In swinging NO means NO and stick to this. Apart from that you are in for a fun night enjoy it and make sure that they also enjoy it.


Always remember that even though a meet has been arranged this does not automatically mean you will end up having sex. It may well be that there is no chemistry between you all. There may be issues that the couple have not spoken about that all of a sudden come to light when they finally realise what they are about to do. It happens on a few rare occasions and can be very frustrating for you. After all it has taken you a long time to get to this stage, a lot of talking, messaging etc etc and then it all goes wrong. Again put yourself in theirs shoes, they may well be married, in a long term relationship and are doing this to add some more fun to their lifes. This is their marriage their relationship which they have to live with for a very long time. This is one night for you and after all it is just sex just be a man say thank you do not get involved and walk away, there will be other opportunities.


Who ever said it would be easy, because it is not easy for anyone. These are just a few pointers on how hopefully to be a bit more successful but there is no manual, you have to feel your way (excuse the pun) and do what you feel is right. It is very much like a community and if you are new to it, like moving to a new town it takes time to be accepted. Once you are seen to be nice guy and have had a few meetings then the lifestyle will open up to you and you will have a fantastic time.


Always remember


Be respectful


Be truthful


Be patient


NEVER NEVER be pushy


Have a fun time because it is a fantastic lifestyle and you will meet people from all walks of life and have some great fun.




From a tart of a single male.

submitted by: S***
Submitted on: 18th April 2004
Edited: No
comment: If your a single guy serious about joining the fun...then read this again and take note. Many thanks to S*** for taking the time to write this for us.

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