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Advice for Single Males at Parties
So, you're a single guy at your first party?
After another storming party this weekend, it got me thinking about some of the right ways of doing things, and wrong ways of doing things. For a single guy going to his first ever party, the rights and wrongs can be a minefield so I thought Id put together this little document and offer some advice and tips.
Please do remember that this is just the thoughts and opinions of one person, and is in no way representative of any particular venues specific rules.
And talking of rules, that is one of the first things you need to be doing finding out what the rules are for the party you are at ask your hosts, or look around, they may well be displayed throughout the premises if you are at a club. They will clearly state what is and isnt allowed in the club, which can include anything from the use of cameras and phones to what to do if you have a problem.
The Social side of things
Theres definitely a right way of going about behaving socially at a party. Putting it simply, be sociable. Talk to people, introduce yourself and chat. Exactly like you might do at a pub. A sense of humour is very important and a smile will go a long way. Its worth remembering that many couples or singles at a party may not be interested in single males, but that doesnt mean they wont happily chat with you just work the small-talk angle, and dont fly straight in with questions about sex. You should also consider that simply because you are talking to someone, it does not mean they are going to play with you take your time, and try and read the signals. The what not to do angle here is pretty much the opposite of above. You wont get very far if you lurk in the shadows and dont talk to anyone. The same is true if you pester people, or just follow them around in the hope they will notice you they certainly will notice you, but for the wrong reasons and all thats going to happen is youll annoy them or worse, you may end up making someone feel uncomfortable, which will spoil their night. I dont know about you, but I wouldnt want to be remembered as the guy that ruined someones night by following them around and being slightly creepy.
General tips and observations
Just because a woman is at the party it does not mean she is going to have sex with you, or even be interested in you. Be respectful at all times! If a woman is part of a couple, make an effort to talk to both of them A couple will make a decision together if they are considering inviting a single male to play with them. One of the worst things you can do here is ask a woman behind her partners back if she wants to play. Theyll say no, then go tell their partner. By all means when the time is right, let them both know you are interested and perhaps give them time to think about it and talk it over together.
Dont touch!
Dont grab, dont pinch, dont fondle unless you have permission! The permission may not always be a verbal thing, especially if youve moved well into the flirting stage of conversation with someone but again, at this point the signals would have been pretty clear. I cant say it clearly enough, you never touch a woman without their direct permission and if in doubt, assume you dont have it. Expect a strong reaction if you break this rule, and you may be asked to leave by the party hosts. You may see others doing different, but they will almost certainly know each other, so dont be tempted to do what you see. Ignore this rule at your own peril. Dont drink too much a staggering slurring drunk is not attractive to anyone (with the possible exception of other staggering slurring drunks). You need to be sober enough to make sure you stay on the right side of the rules, and everyone can enjoy themselves.
Enjoy the view
As the evening progresses things tend to get going and chances are youll be seeing some interesting sights before the night is over. Some pointers to remember while youre exploring the playrooms that are open and in use by others: Many couples and singles are quite happy to have an audience some thrive on it. There may even be rooms especially set aside for those who like to show off a bit (if a door is locked thats a pretty clear signal they do not want an audience, so dont knock). If you are watching others playing, then remember your manners and be respectful.
Dont stand right next to the bed. Positioning yourself like that will not get you invited to join in, it will just irritate anyone playing. Stand back, and just enjoy the view Its probably all its ever going to be in that instance, something for you to watch and appreciate. Again Dont Touch! As before, ask for permission and otherwise assume you dont have it. To clarify some of those things in blunt terms. Standing as close as you can to a woman who is playing does not mean she will reach up, take hold of your cock and drag you onto the bed. Stroking her leg, will not get you invited to join in in fact, all youll end up doing is ruining the mood for them, in which case theyll stop playing, leave, and everyone else in the room can blame you for it.
If youre lucky enough to be invited to play with someone, there are few simple rules to follow: Establish their boundaries find out what is and isnt acceptable to them. The usual rule applies, if in doubt, assume no and ask. Use a condom it will be assumed that you have some, although they may also have condoms with them. Many venues will have somewhere where you can get some (the bar, the reception area) so make sure you stock up beforehand. Dont kiss and tell. After the event, youll be expected to be discrete nobody wants to find out youve discussed the full details of your session with the entire world. The rule of thumb here is keep it to yourself dont tell others, and in most cases, others wont ask. Playtime is strictly between the people involved.
In summary
I think most of what Ive written here is common sense, but I hope that some of you will find it useful.

Submitted by: Lysander
Submitted on: 23rd July 2007
Edited: No
Comment: Thank you very much for contributing this well-written article. Support.

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