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Heathrow AbFab star rating
422 Bath Road
Stanwell Moor
Now we are officially in full swing, and running parties on a Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday evenings. Monday & Wednesday, Heathrow AbFab takes over at 18:00 and runs through until midnight. On a Friday & Saturday our parties kick off at 21:30 and close at 03:00. Please do not arrive before 21:30 as we are unable to allow you entry beforehand.

We are now a fully licenced venue and our bar will be open ready to help you enjoy your evening . We will be accepting cash, card and contactless payments. Anyone arriving with drinks will be asked to either return it to your car or leave it in a locker at reception. We are duty bound to do on the spot checks, please do not be offended if we ask to search you, this is for yours and our safety. Due to our licencing conditions, last orders will be at 2.30am.

We are in talks with the vacant office block next door for extra parking as there is limited parking on the site. In the meantime on road parking is available. Alternatively the Premier Inn, next door, charging just £6 for a six hour stay.
Heathrow AbFab reviews
reviews hereforfun
01 Aug 2019
05:18:41 AM
It has reopened in New premises. I have been twice to the new place with friends and its great fun .
reviews Shell & JohnnyD
20 Jan 2016
03:04:09 PM
Been twice now and a great club, had great fun and met a great couple NYE black tie do, you get what you pay for.
reviews Lorna & James
01 Dec 2015
06:14:01 PM
We like to go on a Wednesday evening when my wife has the pick of the men. It's so friendly and safe. We love it!
reviews Reen & Tony
01 Dec 2015
09:26:16 AM
Had a great night on Friday 20th Nov. Took my wife for the first time and introduced her to the lifestyle which we both thoroughly enjoyed. Both staff and guests were friendly and we paired up in the pool with a nice couple from Guildford and had a great sexy time.
reviews Suzie & Greg
01 Dec 2015
07:41:12 AM
Amazing place. Sensual and sexy fun every time.

Lots of nice friendly people (staff and visitors) in a relaxed atmosphere.

Off there again today!!

Suzie and Greg

reviews Rachel & Steve
24 Apr 2015
04:19:19 PM
Having visited a few times now we wanted to add our very positive review , we've had fun with arranged meetings and spur of moment , the clubs very relaxed and has excellent facilities , the variety of playrooms and the friendliness of the people have all added to a great experience
reviews Olga & Evandro
08 Jan 2015
11:23:08 AM
We went for New Year Black Tie Swinging Party ( as always :))
We had fantastic time! They won a title of best club in the Europe! Well done!
reviews Louise & John
03 Jul 2014
08:39:09 PM
had a great night at Abfabs a couple of weeks ago, we ended the night with a bang in the orgy room, what a night !
reviews Cock_horse
17 May 2014
05:35:29 PM
Louise and I enjoyed this club on Wednesday just gone. We were impressed by the thought gone into it and the amount of different play spaces. Will be going again soon.
reviews Jodie
11 May 2014
06:56:46 PM
Have not been recently, and need to do something about that.
In all the times I have been always had a fun time, no exception.
Have been as part of a couple and also with a couple as a single female.
reviews J & M
28 Apr 2014
08:37:20 PM
What a cool place, our first time was on a Friday night, great hosts that ensure you are made to feel welcome and give you a full friendly guided tour.
Relaxed no pressure atmosphere, lots to do and see.
Single males night was great, J loved all the attention, only one person let it down slightly, but a firm no thank you sorted that out.
Great place, don't miss out.
reviews Steve
22 Apr 2014
01:16:26 PM
Great place, lovely people.....single guy first time and staff were ace, great atmosphere, will be going again soon.....
reviews Becky & Brad
27 Feb 2014
07:07:07 PM
reviews wayne
22 Feb 2014
10:42:00 AM
YES AbFabs is expensive but it\\
reviews Sue & Steve
21 Feb 2014
07:32:11 PM
Very expensive, car park full...not many people! quite a lot of dross .... poor value.
reviews playgently
21 Feb 2014
05:32:05 PM
Great night at AbFabs.
Went with a group of swinger friends and all had a great laugh and lots of great sex of course.

Not as busy as usual, and a much younger crowd so hope that next time there are a few more folk to mingle with :-)
reviews Lucky lady & Biggus Dickus
21 Feb 2014
04:25:01 PM
Went for the first time a couple of weeks ago, it was a great evening and we met some other couples for fun times. Will definitely go again soon.
reviews Jackie & steve
28 Apr 2013
05:10:03 PM
Went for first time on Friday had a great night.....Will be going again soon.... S AND J xxx
reviews M
17 Jan 2013
08:50:28 PM
Already members at Kestrels Hydro and decided to go to adfabs last Saturday and join as members.

This is the best swingers club in the south-east by far!

Really well run (Russell was on that night, very professional), the standards of this place sets is a benchmark to others, although we do not feel there is any competition.

Try it out, see for yourselves :-)

M&J x
reviews Honey
07 Apr 2012
06:40:15 PM
any1 heading there tonight from the west? please mail me been there once i loved it
reviews Tigressandtrigga
17 Feb 2012
03:39:16 PM
Not really a review that\
reviews Mick
12 May 2010
08:02:53 PM
First time i went on friday7th may when they allow single males to go, and wow did i have some fun. Everyone was very friendly as well, as long as you make the effort to speak to them. The dungeons were good as well as all the play areas. I ahd a lot of fun in the main room and watched and joined in with others. I will be going back there again soon.
reviews her
11 May 2010
05:28:17 PM
Sat 8th may first time for us at a party and what a place to start . met at reception by two sexy ladies who made us very welcome. good venue with plenty of space, sinema was a very erotic place with one or two ladies trying to out moan each other (in a sexy way ) t wants what they got next time..lol
pool was so warm and got hotter when the wife and i swapped partners ! lol . (thanks smartie & rolo ) will be going again soon. great place with some very sexy people.
reviews liz & andy
30 Jan 2010
06:27:26 PM
Hello Abfabs, back in the UK in four weeks and can not wait to visit you.We think your the best club in the UK. xx
reviews kimmy & marty
20 Dec 2009
02:49:30 PM
wow what a great place!!!!! Well organized, really freindly staff, clean loads of play areas but have to say swimming pool n jacuzzi were the best - heated so was very hot loved it n can't wait 2 go again!!!!
reviews saucylady & sex on legs
25 Aug 2009
12:45:40 PM
This was our first Abfab party.........brilliant WE WILL BE BACK !!!!!! We found the host very friendly and the guided tour excellent. Enjoying the spiders web and most of all the black room !!!!!
Cost wise - not excessive, taking your own alcohol - no problem, parking - great not having to worry about double yellows !!!!

reviews Jen & Ant
12 Aug 2009
04:34:56 PM
Great venue, went for the first time last month, nice and busy, people friendly, hosts were very helpful and gave us a tour.
For the price you pay to get in it would be welcome to have a free bar or at least a buffet because we hadn't eaten cause we expected to at the party. If there was one, we couldn't find it.
Staff do tend to start cleaning up around people who are still there at 2:45am.
Other than that, a great place to go, lots of fun had by all and a few new friends made.
reviews Jane & Jason
21 Jul 2009
10:03:54 AM
Went to abfabs 11th July, our first time. Very nervous and not sure if we was going to like it. We could nt find the venue at first and gave them a call. The lady on the phone was very helpful and talked to us on the phone until we were in the car park. Still nervous and walking to the enterance door, we was greeted by two ladies and they explained to us the club rules and all of the facilities. We did nt bring any drinks and she sorted some drinks out for us, which was really kind of her. We was then shown around the club, every room and area was spot less clean. We started to relax more and more. Everyone was enjoying the party mood. We was both impressed with the size of the venue and how organised it was. We had a very nice time even though we did nt get to involvedon our first visit, but we are going back at the end of the month. We want to thank the clubs owners for making it a great night for us both, and making us feel at home at the start of the night.
j and j
reviews Jems & Gino
13 Jun 2009
12:08:38 PM
We've been twice. The first time was a saturday to begin our swinging experience. Really nice place.

The Friday we went was really strange and something to get my head around. The large number of single males who seemed to hunt in packs. It was akin to a zombie film watching them aimlessly wander around until they got the scent.

Not all the single males were like that to be fair. Seems to be two types. The ones that like the swinging scene and don't want any strings and the zombie's who probably can't get it anywhere else. Bit harsh maybe but that's what it seemed like on first impressions.

All clubs are apparently like that on Fridays and there was no trouble at Abfabs which you might have thought there would be if some of the single blokes had stumped up £70 for a first time and come away empty handed. There are no guarantees of getting to play anywhere.

We will be going back definately
reviews LJ & T
11 Jun 2009
06:11:08 AM
We have been attending ABFABS now for over 2 years mainly on a Saturday, we attended the Swinging Cherries BBQ night and even though the weather was horrid it was still full of sexy people and the BBQ still went ahead. Russell you did us proud under the canapé just think we should have you in something a little risqué next time lol. We have always found the place clean friendly and with great hosts. Just recently we have started attending on a Friday and even though we do not play with single guys we have not found any problems with the guys that are there you give a polite no thanks and they accept your decision and leave. If you are like us and do not like playing with single guys please do not let it put you off attending any of the events that occur of a Friday staff are there if you find yourself to be having a problem and this can also happen with couples as well
reviews h & s
10 Jun 2009
03:45:00 PM
we have been to abfabs a couple of times now and are going again this saturday 13th, great fun and nice people.
reviews J & M
12 Mar 2009
10:17:34 AM
Well what can we say... this is a fabulous venue, lively people, great atmosohere and everything it says on the tin. We are frequent party goers, and always have a good time at abfabs. About the comments, its all totally unfounded sorry guys, if you want to play as singles, go on a singles night ffs... you are already catered for on a friday, leave the couples night for those who play as a couple like us. There is nothing worse for a couple than marauding guys wandering around, and have had bad experiences of clubs that allow this. So Thank you abfabs for keeping this in check, its much apreciated.

Too spaced out????!!! you would be moaning if it was a grotty little dive with no where to play like some clubs we could mention! Great variety and lots of nooks an crannys (paron the pun) you can get yourselves into to add variety and spice, and short of having a resident pole dancer half way to the stables what more can you do?? lmao

anyway guys, take on the good comments, diregard the bad some people are never happy. Well done abfabs, you get our vote for top club in the UK. We held mrs Jubbs 40th there last week and its was rammed full of gorgeous people who all had a blast.

See you soon... xxxxx
reviews su & si
03 Dec 2008
05:20:29 AM
we went to abfabs for our first time on saturday... we were made very welcome and shown around by the staff who were very friendly and helpful..there are great facilities and a great atmoshere...we will def be going back!!.........sue and simon...
reviews laura
10 Oct 2008
05:56:44 PM
Hi all.....I am as you can see a single female...I have been attending Abfab's for around two years now and not yet written a review..Well...I think its about time all of you need to know what a great place it is and how much fun you could be missing out on if you don't take the plunge and get yourselves down there.I have been as part of a couple before but more often go alone.Over the past couple of years i have made so many friends there bacause everyone is just so friendly. The owners and their staff are the best.I am always so well looked after from the moment i arrive till the moment i go home...The facilities are second to none with a great deal of referbishment going on all the time...They really do listen to what we want from a club...So cum on...Get down there and have a great time..I know you won't regret it...If i can go there as a single girl on a Friday night it can't be that bad hay....And if you see me there please do cum over and say hi...Many thanks Abfabs...Your the best..xxxx
reviews saucy and horny
09 Oct 2008
08:55:49 PM
been there on loads of occasions have introdused some of my freinds there also .. great place have never had bother .. met gd couple there maddie n roger . hi there xx .. had lots of good times pls give them a chance there doing there best to entertain us x
reviews pebbles. & Jonny
15 Sep 2008
07:55:45 PM
we went on a friday, well nervours first party,drove from weton super mare,once we stoped laughing at each other,we pullled in,we opend the window ready to be told where to park from there we could not of asked for anything more,we were taken in shown around and was made to feel welcome,we had a fab time all the people we met were friendly and the single guys we came into contct with were polite and a no thanks was enough.anyone who is thinking of going to a party but not sure make this the first place you try as you wont find another like this.going back for sure.
reviews roxi
14 Sep 2008
11:04:25 PM
Went to a party on Saturday and had a blast. We both enjoyed ourselves thoroughly it is a fantastic club with first class facilities. We didnt experience any problems at all and although we spent the majority of the evening together we were separate on several occasions to use bathroom etc and not once was my partner approached and asked where I was or to leave. We weren't fully sure on attending after reading some of the feedback on the site but are so glad we went and definitely will be returning as often as possible. Abfab is definitely the right name for the parties because we found it to be absolutely fabulous!
reviews Paula & Fred
01 Aug 2008
02:07:50 PM
reviews Mandy & nNaughtyMark
22 Jul 2008
10:35:36 AM
Hi,We attended Abfabs on Saturday for the LS Social and found the place beautiful and very welcoming, a place we would definitely go back to again.But regarding what others have said about being asked to leave we can relate to that as the same thing has happened to us but at another venue,im sure as every one knows although you go as a couple some couple’s, like us love to wander off and play seperatly,as I don’t mind Mark playing with someone else just as much as Mark has no problem with me playing with someone else,also it such a turn on to be left alone with your new partner for a while and then have your husband/wife come back to join in.All in all though we will definitely be returning to Abfabs ,thank you for a fantastic night….
reviews Chris
22 Jul 2008
09:52:18 AM
I attended the club with a friend (as a cpl) on our own on the 19th July although it was also an LS party night.

First impression was good but have to say I agree with others that it is far too spaced out albeit offering a lot of choice. After a while it was evident the refreshment arrangements were totally inadequate and it was quite an effort to just access the drinks cabinet. Really should have been a staffed bar. Food buffet was very good but to have some guy get naked right next to where you made a hot drink was not just wrong but downright unhygienic. And this was right in full view of new arrivals booking in at reception!

The worst thing for me (and apparently 3 others from LS) was that I was asked to leave as I was being seen as a single guy! I pointed out the rigorous checking in procedures and that they knew I was there as part of cpl but to no avail. My partner was playing with friends (as she is free to do) and I was wandering about chatting to various friends from LS and others. I even played with a cpl who wanted a 3some but I was asked twice to either be with my partner or leave. So I left.

I paid AbFabs £60 for my partner and me to enjoy their facilities as I / we chose. Its not for the owners to dictate how or when I play (if at all). It made me feel very unwelcome and I returned their member ship card (which cost £40) with instructions where to place it!

I shall not be recommending this club and I have no intention of going again.
reviews Simon-RNG
21 Jul 2008
08:05:18 PM
I've said overall positive because that's my general experience of this generally excellent club.
I went to the L-S party on the 19th of July 2008 and met lots of friends from the site some of whom I've met before and some I've known from chat for ages but never met before.
This was a couples party, so everyone had to book, arrive and leave as a couple. So why were men who happened to be unaccompanied by a female for a few minutes harassed, I thought it may have just been the husband of the lady I started to play with, while my date was otherwise occupied, who had been singled out for a telling off as he gave us a little space to get started in our play before he rejoined us. But because he was challenged, our play was stopped! why??
I have since heard that several other men were similarly challenged. Am I missing something? The ladies are quite at liberty to play with each other, but what are thier men supposed to do while they play? Stand there like lemons or risk being told they should leave for giving thier partners space?
A bit of common sense would have made it a still better party for many.
reviews Nancy & Martin
05 Feb 2008
05:10:19 PM
We went on Saturday Feb 2nd and loved it especially the pool, met some lovely people in the stables and had lots of fun, can't wait to go back.
reviews Maddi & Roger
21 Jan 2008
10:11:11 PM
Love it! Love it! Love it! Friendly Fun Clean Smart and the pool is a must (thanks Russ) to relax in just before the fun begins in the stables...LOL... Made loads of Fab Friends there which we socialise outside of the swinging scene with now as well. We have even joined Kestral so we can go even more.....Naughty! Naughty Absolutely Fabulous place.
reviews Wendy & Mike
11 Nov 2007
09:48:08 PM
We went last night (Nov 10) - it is a really great place to go. We have some reservations about he dress code however - didnt know that jeans and a t-shirt was classed as smart casual????? AND it IS a bit clicky! luckily we had already deicided to do our own thing - we had a great time - were joined by Mike and Jan - FABULOUS , thankyou - and we had a great evening. Would reallt recommend the place but for the first time, try to go with another couple!
reviews John mac
11 Sep 2007
09:12:30 PM
Hi all went to my first BBQ at abfabs with a couple that invited me.... wow what a lovely,relaxing and exciting place.. Great place to meet new friends and have all the fun you need.... The facilities are great, clean and safe... The hosts are fantastic... they will be seeing me again... hope to see you all there that view this feedback.. naughty thoughts and fun John(mac) xxxx
05 Sep 2007
08:54:32 PM
Four of us - two male/female couples from Wales went to the club for the first time on friday 24/8/07 and had a fantastic time. The club is well worth a visit with plenty of play rooms and the pool was great. The atmosphere was very friendly. We will definately be going again and would recommend this club to anyone.
reviews Ahabs
20 Aug 2007
04:10:50 AM
Went as part of the LSUK bbq social.

Brilliant layout, open, spacious, clean,.. and WARM! Easy to get to from Staines Station, and made to feel welcome and relaxed,.. all the basics explained clearly but in a friendly manner.. and.... will be going again and again.. as its less than an hour form me!

Why I've never been before now, I can only wonder :)

Thanks for a fab time guys!
reviews specs
31 May 2007
11:12:04 PM
AbFab is a very good venue, I think the music is very good so just goes to show that our tasts are not all the same, thank God! Been a good few times now and like the friendly people who go. Enjoyed the company and the fun! Look forward to meeting all you AbFab party swingers again.
reviews Her & Him
14 May 2007
07:31:33 PM
Potentially a really good club but why do they not sort out the music and create a good atmosphere. We went last saturday and there were times when the music just stopped and nobody sorted it out. When they did the music was awful a you could not dance to it. Why have a pole and no dance music? The other discouraging factor was how they cordoned off rooms and areas at 2.45am and clearing up around people when they advertise that they are open until 3am, which in itself is very early!! Really not sure where this club is going !
reviews Wendy & Graham
11 Apr 2007
11:11:06 PM
Fabulous venue / facilities - but very clicky.
Big shame - would love to go back -BUT!!!!
reviews L & T
07 Apr 2007
09:21:11 AM
we going there sice september last year,enjoying ech single time.The place where you can relax,chat,watch,play.
reviews Dee & M
01 Apr 2007
11:41:26 PM
had our first time at a swinger club on sat night, had a superb time, facilities were excellent. very relaxed, not pressure environment. Hosts were very welcoming, will definitley be coming back soon. and the hot couple we came with was certainly the icing on the cake. had a Fab time.
reviews + able & willing
04 Nov 2007
03:00:50 PM
Thank you very very much for letting us join your club,
we had such a great great time, very friendly throughly
recommend you to our friends and every thing we hoped
for was there will certainly come again. pat and kenxxxx
reviews Kaz & Paul
16 Jul 2006
11:53:00 AM
We visited Abfabs on the 15th July,had a great time,love the pool,will def be back.

Thanks Abfabs

reviews Kitten & mitch
18 Feb 2006
05:53:33 PM
We have been to abfabs on many occasions now. The venue is superb with great facilities -we really like the swimming pool. It is a very very relaxed atmosphere with no pressure on anyone. We have really enjoyed ourselves every time we have been. Facilities are very clean and the people who run the club are really nice and make you feel very welcome
reviews Jeremy
03 Jan 2006
10:23:23 AM
A lovely venue to which I was welcomed warmly and felt comfortable. I attended as a solo guy, nervous of how to approach people and soon discovered plenty were friendly and that there's no bother in being kindly told 'no thanks' by a few couples before 'yes' by another!
reviews superswallow & DREAMER
02 Dec 2005
06:26:59 AM
great clib u fill safe there only prob u need to get more movies to help u fill more sexy
reviews Jen & Mark
04 Sep 2005
07:11:48 PM
This has to be the best club we have been too.
You have to go and see for yourself.
The people are great and very friendly, the house is spotlessly clean, the pool and hot tub are great. Sauna fantastic
We like Ab Fab so much we have stopped looking for places to go to.

Come along and have a really good night out.

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