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Radlett Parties star rating
01923 859043
Large Private House , set in nice grounds.
no membership required , attendance has to be booked in advance
Radlett Parties reviews
reviews dee & ian
12 Dec 2019
04:33:57 PM
Will be going again New Years Eve had a fab time last year Best new year ever, BYOB,Hog roast,buffet,Fireworks,Disco and lot's of fun to be had upstairs and down.
reviews t2sport
25 Apr 2015
02:28:43 PM
Attended on a Friday night , had a great time nice location and people . Very relaxed. Met and had fun with a couple from Essex . This place is well worth a visit . There is no pressure to play just have fun
reviews Bodie
10 Jan 2012
12:11:10 PM
Good food good music good venue,Some great people had fun , been back, but there is a big click going on. will go back
reviews Caz & Craig
22 Aug 2007
09:31:02 AM
Lovely house with a really warm pool, fantastice buffet, really lovely, friendly hosts. Feels like a house party when you go so we feel quite relaxed and always have fun.
reviews Sexy lady & Apples
16 Apr 2007
06:51:44 PM
found it to be very click click. you have to be one of the gang. may go bck sometime but not to bothered if we don't.
reviews Baroness CrazyPaws (Chris)
29 Mar 2007
05:44:59 PM
As you can see, we don;t live very far from this party venue, so it's a bit of a 'local' for us.

Our first party was at Radlett, on a Friday night, with a single male friend. It's a great place.

If you don't want to play, just stay downstairs.

Friday nights is a singles/couples night, and on occasions the 'snake' of single men following you around the house, hot-tub and pool gets a bit much. A gentle NO seems to do the trick on 99% of occasions.

We have found that the first few times that you attend can be a little daunting. Janet certainly makes you feel welcome, but we feel that you need to go with someone you know, as it was very difficult to break into the little 'cliche' that are obvious, not only downstairs, but in the place room. If you just want no nonsense fun, then the attic is the place to go. Dark, big with lots of areas to hide..

We haven't been for a few months, but it is highly recommended....
reviews Charlotte
17 Mar 2007
09:25:04 AM
Have been to Radlett on two occasions on the Saturday couples nights (cant vouch for singles evening) one being New Year's Eve and OH WOW best way on earth to bring it in LOL). Have been to clubs before which are okay I guess but Radlett is just different in so many positive ways. The atmosphere is warm (until you go upstairs it is just like a really banging house party), the people (average age seems to be early to mid thirties although there are exceptions) are on the whole nice looking and nicely dressed. The food provided by the hosts is excellent and quite frankly a bit of a shock when you first arrive as it is quite unusual to find a spread like this - look out for the whole roasted hog complete with roast spuds!. There is a wonderfully hot covered pool, a hot tub and even a loft dungeon. The diversity of cultures with the house being quite close to the Capital is wide which makes the evening even more interesting!

Like the gentleman said in the review above, people do actually play - somehow this place isnt like anywhere else Ive ever been. There is no standing around eyeballing people etc, it just kicks off around 11.30 ish and just doesnt stop until morning - we left at 7 am on both occasions. This doesnt mean that people are pushy either, there just doesnt seem to be that barrier that can be in place elsewhere.

All I can say is that it is fun, friendly, and downright naughty - having been here I wouldnt really look to go anywhere else if I wanted to attend a party.
reviews JEEAN
27 Nov 2006
10:40:45 PM
fab place ,indoorr heated pool, superb food , jaccuzzi , sauna, disco, vey warm and relaxing atmosphere, hosts janet and richard are wonderful,,highly recccomended....deff going a gain..lots hehe
reviews sexjunkie
30 Jun 2005
04:02:09 PM
I have been several times to Radlett and found the atmosphere friendly and downstairs a proper party with good food and genial hosts.
As the evening progresses people go upstairs to play and, unlike some 'swingers parties' I have been to peeps DO PLAY an

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