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EU Cookie Directive
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European Directive 2002/58/EC article 5.

While our web server is having a nervous breakdown, the information below is given in order that we comply with the new cookie law contained in the above EU directive. This comes into force in the UK on 26th May 2012

Why we use cookies?

We mainly use cookies to provide secure access to your account
Our other cookies remember things, for example our auto login feature saves you logging in each you visit the site (see table below).

What is a cookie?

In english, a cookie is a small text file containing information we set.
Our cookies contain no personal data or private information.

For a more technical explaination, Wikipedia has a page on cookies.

Here's the nitty gritty on our cookies here at Local Swingers... enjoy, Brussels demands it !

CookieNamePurposeMore information
Local Swingerslsuk This cookie is used by our "auto login" feature. It is classed as a non essential cookie, however without it you wont be able to use the sites auto login feature.  
Local Swingerslsuk1 This cookie is exempt under the new law. It is an essential cookie used to manage a secure login to your account.  
Local Swingerslsuk2 This cookie is used to provide additional site security features. It is classed as a non essential cookie. It is a first party cookie and not shared with third party websites.  
Local Swingers useCookies This cookie is used to determine whether you are accepting our cookies. Cookie added to comply with new EU Directive
Local Swingers eatCookies This cookie is used to remove the question at the top of the page, after you have accepted our cookies.  
Google Analytics _utma
These cookies are used to store information and generate anonymous reports, such as what time the current visit occurred, whether the visitor has been to the site before, and what site referred the visitor to the web page. Web Browsers do not share first-party cookies across domains.
Overview of privacy at Google

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