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Acceptable Use Policy


Please note that if your account or your profile does not comply with this policy, your account shall be terminated immediately and we may report you to the relevant legal authority if your behaviour on our website consists of any of the following:


Non Acceptable Behaviour:

1.        Anything illegal and contrary to the laws of England and Wales, including (but not limited to!) the promotion, suggestion or allusion to underage sex, rape or any non consensual acts, drugs (including the misuse of prescribed medicines or the mention of Viagra) or any kind of illegal activity.

2.        Any comments which are hateful, or racist

3.        Abusive or aggressive behaviour towards fellow members, Ops/Mods or Administration staff

4.        Excessive profanity will not be tolerated

5.        The posting of a telephone number, email address anywhere within the chat room forum or anywhere else on the website.

6.        The posting of any commercial sexual advertisements.

7.        Attempts to sell goods or services of any kind.

8.        Any posts either in the forum or chatroom that are posted in order to exchange pictures, videos or offer photography services or similar.

9.        The posting of any picture on any part of that you do not own, or posting pictures that are defamatory, fake, a joke or do not actually contain any part of you in them, or worse, that include a third party without their consent.

10.     No selling of your account to a third party.

11.     No one under the age is 18 is allowed to appear on a website camera (webcam), if there are children present then turn OFF your camera. If you are viewing someone else s camera, please disconnect the connection.

12.     No videos are to be played in the chatroom, as this may break copyright laws, or if there is a third party involved they may have not given their permission to be viewed

Non Acceptable Photographs:

1.        Anyone who looks under the age of 18.

2.        Anyone with children (under the age of 18) shown in photographs.

3.        Thumbnail size photographs.

4.        Photographs with email addresses or other contact details.

5.        Photographs that are of popstars, cartoons etc.

6.        Anything that seems to be obscene for the website.

7.        Photographs uploaded for advertisements will be deleted if they show people & animals.

8.        Photographs that are spam. This means posting a link to a site that is for commercial purposes and not a genuine swinging resource. We DO NOT solicit linking from anyone.

Website Rules:

1.        Please use user names other than real life names and do not breach international laws in relation to trade marks. People are entitled to their privacy.

2.        All members have to be over the age of consent to join this site (18+), even if you appear to under that age you may be removed from the site.

3.        No person is allowed to pass themselves off as a different gender unless it is the case of a post operative gender realignment or part of the pre-operative legal requirements (in which case documentary evidence may be required).

4.        Your account is for your use and your use only, no third party is allowed to activate or use your account without previous consent from us.

5.        There is to be no discussion of the locations of meetings or times of meetings on the open forum or chatrooms. Please use Private Messages.

6.        No banned members are allowed to be invited to a meeting or any kind of social event that has been advertised on this website or promoted to the website members.

N.B No profile shall be placed that seeks promotes or encourages any of the above.


Failure to comply with the AUP can lead to a friendly warning or a permanent ban from the site without notice depending on the severity of the offence.


Version 1.1 dated 25 August 2006

All trademarks and copyrights are the property of their respective owners.

Everything else is copyright © 2000-2024
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